About The Architect

Steve Kratchman Architect, P.C., located in New York City. Mr. Kratchman has multiple specialties including residential real estate development. He has created architectural designs for multiple hi-rise apartments in NYC and the tri-state area. His projects include work on renovations of existing buildings as well as “ground up” hi-rises. As an architect of commercial real estate and urban design he was involved with the master planning of Chelsea Piers, five attached buildings along four piers on the west side of Manhattan. For Apogee he was the master planner, architect and designer of the project.

Vision For Apogee

To create a modern, upscale hi-rise along the New Jersey “Gold Coast”, with an environment and the amenities equal to residences in NYC.

The Project

The master plan was to make the main, three-story lobby the centerpiece of the project and expand to include the entire frontage and yard, the amenities and the specific site features of igneous rock cliff and sloping contours. Once the lobby was placed in this general context, the designs were created for the specific entry, lobby, and amenities.

The major changes include:

The Main Lobby

Brought the tradition of front yard seasonal plantings inside in the form of a four sided, double height living wall that has sculptural qualities. That feeling can be experienced as one walks around each side and sees the plantings change to reflect each exposure and light condition
Glazed the three story elevator floor lobbies in order to see three sets of doors, creating a glass wall and to make them visible from the lobby floor using electric lighting and new stone cladding
Integrated the lobby’s terrazzo floor into the new scheme.
Created a new management office.
Renovated the space for the in-house dry cleaners.
Relocated and redesigned the lobby desk to be an interactive centerpiece and increase concierge visibility for service and security.
Dedicated the other side of the lobby to visitors and guests by inserting a large open fireplace as a divider with seating and gathering arrangements with warm and vibrant color materials.
Extra large revolving entrance door, allowing ease of use for residents carrying packages or luggage.
A lighting scheme to prominently accentuate all areas of the lobby.

A modernized façade including a canopy made with glass, metal and wood marquis.
A new driveway with modern pavers and designed to be practical for arriving vehicles.
Seasonal landscaping featuring plants, grass and trees to capture the time of year feeling.
Created modernized and easily seen signage to emote the feeling of elegance as one approaches the building.
Mezzanine and Upper Levels

Relocated and expanded the fitness amenity to the underused mezzanine level and expanded both sides to meet up with the central elevator core to make it visible from the Lobby
Fine-tuned the acoustic control of other existing amenities including the community room and created a children’s play room.
The architect remained completely involved from the initial design to completion of the project. He made modifications along the way that enhanced the overall look and feel resulting in the achievement of the vision.